SignalRGB Feature Roadmap

Ongoing Pledge
The SignalRGB team will continue to refine and add devices to the supported devices list, and this includes everything from keyboards, mice, headphones, AIO, fans, RAM, CPUs and motherboards (and WiFi in the future). Furthermore, we intend to go beyond lighting supporting features like DPI, button assignments, battery life, side-tone, and EQ.
2024 Objectives*
Support more WiFi Devices
Expand support for devices from brands like Govee, Nanoleaf, Philips Hue, and more!
Improved Macro Key Support
Add control over the extra keys on specific mice and keyboards.
Motherboard Fan Control
Control the speed of your fans through motherboard headers.
LCD Control
Add the ability to display system info and or custom gifs/images on devices with LCDs.
Wallpaper Integration
Option to display your desktop wallpaper as an effect on your devices.
Support more Languages
Expand the languages in the app beyond just English.
AMD GPU Support
Adding full or partial support for AMD graphics cards.
Accent Color Support
Flash memory-based devices cannot be controlled in real time meaning you can only assign a preset effect defined by the manufacturer or assign a single color (this is a limitation by the manufacturer). Accent color support would give SignalRGB the ability to support flash-based devices through single color control. Example products are the Glorious Model O and Model D, Redragon Peripherals, Zotac GPUs, Etc.
Video/Gif/Image Import Effect
The ability to display videos, gifs, and images on your devices.
*The mentioned objectives are subject to change and can be implemented in any order. While the list is somewhat prioritized, you should not assume this will come out in this exact order.